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Echoed Words is a 1/2 half hour documentary with a powerful first-person perspective on the impacts of a person’s life who stutters, and how to find ways to manage the disorder to ease their everyday life. Through a range of first-hand experiences, an older teen reveals the devastating effects of stuttering and his motivation for seeking help. He delves into his the arc of emotions and a family member provides insights into the condition as reflected in the family dynamics. He explains how he discovered a place to help with his lifelong disorder, and we follow him as he attends a three-day intensive refresher treatment program . At the conclusion, we see the changes that can happen even in such a short time frame, and learn how he feels to be able to become more confident in his everyday life and further improve his speech fluency, and how this changes his life for the positive.


HONOURING THE BUFFALO (Animated Short for Pre-Schoolers) Website

This 7 minute animated documentary is for pre-schoolers and their families based on the picture book, Honouring the Buffalo: A Plains Cree Legend. This all-ages picture book, originally written in English and Cree, is an based on an oral story told by Ray Lavallee, illustrated by Mike Keepness, and written by Judith Silverthorne. The beautiful artwork features detailed images of how generations of People of the Plains used the buffalo in many ways to survive. The animated documentary is adapted for a younger audience with appropriate vocabulary levels. Broadcaster: Citytv Saskatchewan/Rogers Media Inc. 2023

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In 2007, Donalda Jones started REALM, a non-profit charity to help others benefit from a disability network. Since then, REALM has helped over 40 individuals of all abilities carry out their dreams.


KAY PARLEY: A Mind of Her Own

KAY PARLEY: A Mind of Her Own is a riveting account of Kay’s life struggles with mental illness and how she became well enough to train and work as a psychiatric nurse in the very hospital where she was one a patient. From a time before medicine to experiments with LSD, Kay’s insights continue with her advocacy in helping people understand this wide-spread disorder.

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In Development:

Chris Lesanko had a highly successful career ahead of him as a national all-star lacrosse player and an educator until a freak accident changed everything in a heartbeat and he became a tetraplegic. Through sheer resilience, determination, and overcoming incredible obstacles, he continually works towards recovery and repurposing his life to realize his dreams of getting his degree and continuing to be involved in lacrosse. And in the process, he assists others with high physical disabilities live a higher quality of life through a variety of supportive pursuits including the specialized rehabilitation gyms he is establishing established across Canada.


Spiral Communications Inc: Judith Silverthorne has been involved with producing, researching, and writing television shows since 1991. In January of 1997, she formed the company, Spiral Film Productions Inc., producing a variety of art-related documentary shows. In 2000 the name was changed to Spiral Communications Inc., and dissolved in 2010. Six years later, Silverlight Productions Inc was opened for business.


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