Silverlight began producing documentaries in 2019, starting with Kay Parley: A Mind of Her Own.

Previous to this Judith Silverthorne owned and operated Spiral Communications Inc., which produced several others.

KAY PARLEY: A Mind of Her Own

Kay Parley: A Mind of Her Own broadcast by ACCESS7 TV

Kay Parley: A Mind of Her Own is a riveting account of Kay’s life struggles with mental illness and how she became well enough to train and work as a psychiatric nurse in the very hospital where she was once a patient. She then went on to teach psychology and sociology.

From a time before medicine to experiments with LSD, Kay’s insights continue her advocacy in helping people understand this wide-spread disorder.

The Premiere broadcast was on Access7 TV, Wednesday, September 11, 3:00 p.m., 2019.

Kay Parley Mind of Her Own nominated for the Ruth Shaw Award (Best of Saskatchewan) at the Yorkton Film Festival 2020.

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