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Ingrained Legacy/Splinters – a series of Vignettes

Woodworkers in the early days of settlement in Saskatchewan were scattered all over the province from remote backwoods to bustling communities along the rail lines. Some operated successful commercial businesses in towns and on their farms, while others honed their skills in obscure seclusion. There were those woodworkers who were well trained and accomplished, while others never before had held an axe. Not only did they demonstrate a great deal of ingenuity and perseverance, but also they showed a deep passion the creative sense of achievement.

Ingrained Legacy explores a cross-section of the extraordinary woodworkers, who immigrated to the prairies at the turn of the century. Besides giving a synoptic look at their lives and a reflection of their diverse ethnic backgrounds and abilities, this half-hour documentary provides insights into our early history. Splinters is a series of vignettes that showcases ten of these unique woodworkers: Harold Coombs, Olaf Pearson, John McGuirl, Charles Smith, Onesimé Dorval, Doukhobors, Mennonites, Malcolm MacDonald, Joachim Pilon, John Wilson. Experts and collectors such as Mac Provich, Ralph Jarotski, Lindsay Anderson, and George Chopping, as well as family members and contacts, provide interviews and insights in the documentary and vignettes. For more information and insights on these and other incredible pioneers, please visit Early Saskatchewan Woodworkers.

Ingrained Legacy and Splinters were produced by Spiral Film Productions Inc. in1997 (Now Spiral Communications Inc.). Producer , Writer, Researcher: Judith Silverthorne.

Arrangements for purchasing either of them may be made through the producer at E-Mail.

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