Rupchan: Spirit of a Prairie Potter


Rupchan: Spirit of a Prairie Potter is a half hour television docu-drama produced by Grasslands Productions Inc. in 1992. This show is based on the book Made in Saskatchewan by Judith Silverthorne that tells the story about a Ukrainian immigrant who became Saskatchewan’s first major potter.

Peter Rupchan dug his own clay, built his own kilns, and travelled the countryside to sell his wares, struggling to survive. He battled incredible odds to pursue his dream and finally more than 50 years after his death he is receiving recognition for his artistic work.

This docu-drama features modern day Saskatchewan potter, Wayne Pollock as Peter Rupchan, and interviews with Zach Dietrich, Ralph Jarotski, Joan Kannigan, Norman Harris, and several members of the Rupchan family. Producer: Ervin Fehr. Writer: Judith Silverthorne.

Available in DVD format from Judith Silverthorne

Peter Rupchan 1883-1944


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