Spiral Communications Inc.

Television Producing

Judith Silverthorne has been involved with producing, researching, and writing television shows since 1991. In January of 1997, she formed the company, Spiral Film Productions Inc., producing a variety of art-related documentary shows. Over time the company expanded with Judith being hired out to do writing and production work for other companies, and in 2000 the name was changed to Spiral Communications Inc. to make it more encompassing of what projects were being done through the company, which included some book publishing. The company was dissolved in 2010.

Television Documentaries Produced

Roger Ing’s Utopia, a one hour documentary on Saskatchewan artist, Roger Ing and the phenomena of his Utopia Café (1998). Produced for SCN, CBC, Vision TV, and Knowledge Network, with funding from SaskFILM, the National Film Board of Canada. A Spiral Film Productions Inc. production, 1998. Producer, Writer, Researcher: Judith Silverthorne

Ingrained Legacy, a half hour documentary and Splinters a series of ten vignettes, featuring early Saskatchewan woodworkers and furniture makers, produced for SCN, Bravo, NFB, & CTV Saskatchewan. Produced by Spiral Film Productions Inc., 1997. Producer, Writer, Researcher: Judith Silverthorne

First Visions, a series of three vignettes, two to four minutes in length, featuring First Nation artists living in Saskatchewan, and includes D. Blair Gerard, Stan Otter, and Kevin Pelletier. Produced for SCN by Spiral Film Productions Inc., 1997. Producer, Writer, Researcher: Judith Silverthorne

Rupchan: Spirit of a Prairie Potter (1992), a half-hour documentary drama based on my book Made in Saskatchewan. Televised on SCN, CBC regional and broadcast on CBC nationally February, 1994 on Arts & Entertainment. (This video is being used in the Saskatchewan Education system in social studies, art, and history in conjunction with the book.) Co-produced with Grasslands Productions Inc. (Docu-drama). Executive Producer, Writer, Researcher: Judith Silverthorne  

Published by Judith Silverthorne

Judith Silverthorne is an international award winning Canadian author of several series of children's novels, with one translated into Japanese, plus two non-fiction biographical adult books, a Young Adult novel and an all-ages picture book, which has been translated into 3 other languages. She has also written several hundred articles and columns for newspapers and magazines and worked as a journalist, freelance writer, editor, evaluator, researcher, curator, book reviewer, scriptwriter, television documentary producer and arts administrator. She has presented hundreds of readings and writing workshops at libraries, schools and other educational institutions and given presentations at conferences and to organizations. She currently is a freelance writer, editor, presenter, and instructor.

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